The Law Changes. So Should Your Marketing.

Major ad agency thinking guides everything we do.

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We believe that legal marketing is in serious need of repair.

It’s either too loud or too quiet. The one place it isn’t, is where all successful marketing lives. The place where you stake out a difference. Either in what you say. Or the way you say it. Or both.

What sets On-Premise Law apart is our experience in marketing and branding at the highest levels. And the same dedication we’ve brought to major advertising campaigns, we will bring to your firm.

We drill down to your unique point-of-difference (yes, you have one.) We get to know your current clientele. And find a path to new clients. We’ll research your competition. And develop an approach that works on all levels—strategic, creative and technical.

In today’s marketing-savvy environment, your firm’s message will not only be compared to other firms. It will be compared to the marketing people see every day, for every advertiser—Nike, Coke, Apple.

And there’s no reason your marketing can’t be at that level.