The Law Changes. So Should Your Marketing.

Major Ad Agency Thinking Guides Everything We Do.

Criminal Law Attorney Ralph Meczyk wanted to target a new, upscale clientele.

We focused on referrals from civil law firms. We discovered that most firms would like to know a highly-qualified criminal defense attorney who they could recommend to clients in a time of need.

We wanted these firms to think of M&K as their own in-house, criminal-law-division-down-the-hall—with it’s own doorway.

So we made the Door, with Criminal Law Division plaque, M&K’s icon and brand—appearing like the mysterious 2001, A Space Odyssey-type monolithic figure in unexpected places.

The Door icon is also the centerpiece of everything from business cards to their website.

Door Graphic Business Card Graphic
Tel: 312.498.7550
Door Poster for M&K